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What is card sorting?

Card sorting is a user research technique to determine how your users would organize a collection of items.

Why card sort?

  • Create user navigation.
  • Improve the organization
    of your site.
  • Layout pages with your users' expectations in mind.
  • Simplify processes and
    page flows.
  • Find ways to remove clutter.
  • Organize articles and copy.

How do I card sort?

  1. 1. Create a study by making a list of items
    you'd like your users to sort.
  2. 2. Invite users to sort the cards,
    no account required for them.
  3. 3. Get results presented in
    a highly actionable layout.
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Thank you for this great tool. This is a tremendously cool resource. Looking forward to using it for additional projects. You have the makings of a very impressive tool.
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  • Invite participants with a simple URL. They don't need to make another account!
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  • Use your logo, colors, and font to improve participant trust.
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  • No arbitrary limits on number of cards or participants.
  • Conduct studies whenever you want with no pay-per-month account sign up.
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  • Conduct your study in any language with full unicode support.
  • No Flash or Java, all native web technologies.
  • Secure and reliable. We take your privacy seriously.

Transformative analysis tools included.

  • Hierarchy
  • Similarity
  • Relationship
  • Ordering
  • Textual
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